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1 – RISK FREE – NO OBLIGATION OFFER:   Again we only work in win-win situations.  Our job is to determine what a win for our business is, and you and seller can decide if our offer is a win for you.  If it is, we buy the house, if not, no problem we part as friends and try again on the next one.

2 – GUARANTEED EARNEST MONEY:   All we ask is for a fair and realistic inspection contingency, usually 7 days, and when we pass the inspection contingency I will guarantee you that we will close!  I am so confident in our closing that we will include a Non-Refundable Earnest Money Deposit Affidavit with our offer.

3 – QUICK CASH OFFER:   We can make CASH OFFERS in as short as a few hours.  This makes us easy to work with as there are no underwriters, no lenders, no appraisers, just you and us, and nothing to get in the way of the deal closing.

4 – WE CAN CLOSE ON YOUR TIMELINE:   We can typically close in 14-21 days, however if the seller needs more time we are willing to give them as much time as they need to accommodate their schedule.

5 – DOUBLE COMMISSIONS, MULTIPLE TIMES A YEAR:   Although I am licensed, I am not interested in commissions, I want to buy houses!  I would love nothing more than to build a great relationship with you where we can buy multiple properties a year through you.  My goal is to become your “Preferred Cash Buyer” where you send me all of your pocket listings from motivated sellers and houses that need renovation work done.

6 – WE PAY FOR ALL TITLE FEES:   We like to work with our team and are willing to pay for it so the seller doesn’t have to.  We use Fidelity National Title and our closer is the best in the business.

7 – WE PAY FOR ALL SHORT SALE PROCESSING:   If you have a short sale listing and want a cash offer on it, we are willing to pay for the short sale processing.  We do have preferred negotiators in place, or are willing to use yours, either way, let’s work together to get them closed.

8 – TOP PRODUCERS KEEP US TOP OF MIND:    We have found the Top Producing agents really get it, they keep it simple, and they focus getting under contract.  They don’t try to over serve the client, yet they give the client exactly what they need, which sometimes is a cash offer from Home Buyers of Denver.  Quite often, Top producers use Transaction Brokerage as a tool to sell pocket deals before they even have a chance to draft an agency agreement.  This means that on the first moment of recognizing a potential match for us (houses that need renovations), top producers keep us in mind and when they see an opportunity to sell us deal they notify the seller immediately that they already have a cash buyer for their property.

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