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“It was a pleasure working with Home Buyers. In the beginning we were nervous because we didn’t know what to expect, but they answered all our questions and made the entire process very easy. Thank You!” 

The Millers

“We had a house that needed a lot of work, we didn’t have the money to fix it up & every realtor said it would take a long time to sell to a retail buyer. So we contacted Home Buyers & We got a cash offer the next day and closed in a week! It was a huge stress off our shoulders.”

Carl & Sue Hodgins

“My mother had passed away and I was responsible for handling the selling of her house. The house was very old & outdated and I just wanted to close this chapter of my life instead of worrying over when the house would sell and if we would have to do any work to meet a buyers request. Home Buyers of Denver made me a great offer on the house & didn’t ask me to fix or replace anything.  We closed a few weeks later & I know they will make the house shine again.”

Angela Winters

“I knew I wanted to sell my house & I knew only an investor would buy it, but I didn’t want an investor to come in and gut the place. It was a beautiful brick ranch that was built in the early 1900’s, and it still had a lot of great charm to it.  Many investors I talked to wanted to make it modern & change the feel of it so I held off on selling.  When HBOD contacted me I originally said no to their offer, then after about a month I decided to meet with them to see what they would do to the property.  They wanted to update the house but keep the classic feel and I loved that! SO…. they bought the house from me and did exactly what they promised, the house turned out beautifully & I knew I made the right choice in trusting them.”

Marybeth Brodski

“A+++ all the way! Very professional, courteous, and fair. If I had another house to sell to them I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Jacob Brennan

“It’s hard to know who really knows what they are talking about and who is blowing smoke. After speaking several times with Home Buyers it was very clear that they know exactly what they are talking about, in fact I would call them experts! They gave us more information on our property then we could have even thought to ask for. After having all the information we decided that the best choice was to get a cash offer & close fast. We are so happy we did, we used the extra money to pay off all our credit card debt so we could live without that stress.”

The Cordonta Family

“All I have to say is 4 words – Thank You SO much!”

Brian Strong

“We have worked with Home Buyers of Denver for years, we had several properties that we were renting out but over the years the tenants took their toll on the houses & they were trashed. My wife & I talked about fixing them up & renting them out again, but it would take 10 years for the extra rent we received for us to break even. SO, one by one as tenants moved out we sold the properties to Home Buyers of Denver. Each offer was more then fair & we closed within a few weeks.  With the extra money we received we decided to buy our dream house. We are loving it!”

The Ramons

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