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Referrals = Finder’s Fee



Do you have a house in your neighborhood that needs some “TLC”?  Would you like us to buy it to clean up the neighborhood at bit?


Or maybe you know someone who recently went through one of lives rough-patches and could use some quick cash in exchange for their house to get things going in a new direction for them?  Well, we can help.


If either or both of these is true, then we want to hear from you ASAP!  We need people like you with eyes and ears on the ground bird-dogging for us and notifying us ASAP so that we can help out these motivated sellers and to continue improve these neighborhoods.


GET REWARDED!  When you bring us these raw prospects we submit them to our trained acquisitions team and let them do all the hard work to get the deal to a close.  When we buy a deal that came from one of our referral partners we gladly offer a referral fee.

Remember, we are a Professional Residential Redevelopment company that buys “TLC” houses in ANY condition.  We focus on neighborhood revitalization and creating a positive impact on the people and houses in your neighborhood.


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