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Are you an enthusiastic “A Player” Contractor seeking  an opportunity to grow your pipeline at an extraordinary rate?


contactorWe are looking for a serious Contractors in the following areas – Electricians | Lead Contractors | Plumbers | Painters | Landscapers | Handymen | Tile | Drywall installers & Painters with experience in either residential or commercial remodels or 3+ years of general contractor experience. On the job, you will have to oversee multiple residential construction projects. Good communication, team building, and management skills are necessary. So if you’re interested in surrounding yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs, and playing for something larger than yourself, then read on. At Home Buyers of Denver we are currently growing very quickly and seeking 5 teams of Contractors that can handle our expansion efforts. Your most important asset will be a no excuses attitude toward getting projects completed effectively and efficiently, along with an infinite passion for personal growth and learning how entrepreneurs start and run businesses. Your ability to effectively take ownership of your work and proactively add value will make you an ideal candidate for the position.

If you are ready for a challenge and want to be part of a dynamic team with great growth potential, please follow the instructions below to take advantage of this unique opportunity! Must have 3+ years experience as a contractor in the trade applying for; willingness and desire to take ownership; able to take direction AND work independent of management.


HOW TO APPLY: If you are interested in applying to be a part of our Contractors Team please fill out the form below and we will send you the full application. PLEASE do NOT apply unless you are qualified and “fired up” for this opportunity.



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