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Home Buyers of Denver

Cory & Brandi Wilks are the Founders of Home Buyers of Denver.  Originally we set out to build a family home based business and have been successfully doing Residential Real Estate Investing since 2007 with over 100 transactions.  We were able to live life by design through Real Estate Investing and so now, starting in 2015, we had a shift in our mindset and decided we wanted to build a team based business.  

This business is a passion of both of ours but in different ways.  Cory’s passion is to build a business that makes money & forces personal growth to create financial freedom and in doing so surround himself with people who are on the same mission.   Brandi’s passion is to express her creativity and love of interior design with each property renovated. Creating not just a house that is ready for move in but to create a home filled with warmth and using a team of contractors & teammates to achieve this on a large scale.

Home Buyers of Denver is an exciting Residential Redevelopment company that specializes in Wholesale Residential Real Estate acquisition, where we do Buy–Renovate–Sell Real Estate investing.

One of our missions is to become THE Preferred Cash Buyers for the Denver Real Estate Community. We are looking to expand our business through MLS Acquisition as well as a Realtor Referrals.  In order for us to become THE Preferred Cash Buyers for the Denver Market, we will be expanding the team and hiring specific people for specific roles in our business.  Together as a TEAM we will succeed in this mission and in turn achieve our financial goals.


cory-pro-edited-favs (3)-b CORY WILKS

Founder | General Manager

Cory is a National Speaker & Coach on Real Estate Investing with Fortune Builders.  Cory is the Premier Fix & Flip plus Wholesale Investor for the Greater Denver Metro Area.  Learn more about Cory HERE.

brandi_square_shaddow BRANDI WILKS

Project Manager | Director of Operations

Brandi has been a project manager for over 7 years now. With more then 100 Kitchen designs, and over 100 successful house flips, she is the Best Project Manager in the Greater Denver Metro Area. Learn more about Brandi HERE.

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